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No more drywall to install

Today was a key milestone for my project. The last drywall screw was driven home today.

Now with all the drywall and plaster work done It’s time to focus on the trim. I never realized how much a house’s appearance depends upon the trim.

Last week I shared some photos of my pocket door installation. Below are the before and after photos. You can see the full resolution images at flickr by clicking on either of the photos.

Finished Pocket Door Installation
Finished Pocket Door Installation

I am also including a photo of the how nearly complete family room. The photo below is taken from the kitchen. The unit under the window will be built into a window seat with 4 oversized storage drawers
Family Room Area 2

It’s a bit hard to believe but this area used to be the kitchen — see the photo below
Kitchen Cabinets


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Pocket Door Installation

As part of my original plan for my kitchen remodel I designed a large opening between the breakfast/family and dining room areas. As I neared completion I realized that this design wouldn’t work.

First, instead of making the house seem bigger, being able to see through the house from the front door actually made the house seem smaller. Secondly, the dark stained wood in the dining room clashed with the white painted wood for the eating area. Finally havin a direct flow from the front to back door is bad feng shui. Superstition is that having the front and back doors aligned causes money to flow into and out of the house — hmm been happening a lot around hear lately.

View from the living room to back of the house

Bungalow Living Area

The solution, install a door between the dining and family room. My architect suggested I install french doors. Taking her advice would have been much less work, but I didn’t want to loose the wall space required for door that swing into the living area. I decided upon installing a pocket door. Although they are a bit harder to install, I thought the benefit in terms of usable space would be well worth it.

Step 1 of my installation was to rip out the wall and soffett for the existing entry way between the dining room. This was not fun at all because I had reinforced the walls with structural grade plywood.

Step 2 frame the opening for the pocket door. The door I am installing is 42″ wide X7′ tall. As a result the framed int area 86″ wide X 7′ 3″ tall. You need to leave some extra height for the slider track.

Here you see the framing work and pocket door frame installed
Pocket door frame installed

Step 3 install the door. This is just a temporary door, which I used to make sure I had the framing level at the top and the door jambs are plumb. I spent a couple hours fiddling with the the door jambs to make sure they were plumb.

Door installed here — notice the temporary door is too short
Pocket door closed

So that’s it my pocket door is installed — If you have questions feel free to ask. Next step is to redo my drywall.

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Kitchen Remodel Getting Closer

I lost my camera a couple months ago. So while I have been working away on the house, I have not been able to provide any progress updates. I had hoped that has I started cleaning the house up a bit the camera would surface. Well no such luck. Today I finally broke down and bought a new camera.

The kitchen/family room is not done yet, but these photos will provide some perspective on how things are shaping up.

Before View
Demo'd Kitchen Area

Almost after view
Kitchen Center View

Windows and doors have been moved to create the new configuration for the back of the house. Here are before and after photos

Before Picture
California Bungalow Back View

Almost After (paint needed)

It may not look like it now but once it’s done the kitchen will be a huge improvement

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