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Finished Bathroom

Here are photos of my finished bathoom. If you look at the doors which are yet to be refinished I think I came pretty close to matching the original color palette. Contrary to popular belief not all bungalow bathrooms were limited to black and white. In fact, one of the folks at the Monrovia Planning department told me “you’re lucky to have a house with an original floor that was in such great shape. My grandmother’s house here in town had a floor just like that.” I only wish it was an original floor, that would have saved me a bundle.

Here are the photos — enjoy


Slipper tub
ok, maybe I need to finish painting the window

arts and crafts bath
oh yes, and I also need to source some picture rail modeling to complete the walls.

No I guess my bathroom is not really finished, but this provides you a perspective on how the final product will look.


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A new blog post finally

it’s been quite some time since I updated the progress on my project. I’ve been busily working for most of my blogging hiatus. The house really doesn’t look much different but there has been a ton of work done. First, I removed all the old lathe and plaster walls, so I could insulate the walls and rewire the entire house. At first I thought rewiring was an unecessary luxury, but when I found out that insulating around an old knob and tube wiring systems was a fire hazard my decision was made. I paid roughly $3,500 to have the house completely rewired and I put about $800 worth of insulation into the walls and ceiling.

The next big project was to install a central heating and airconditioning system. Like the wiring I outsourced this work. I paide $5800 to have the heating and air conditioning coil system installed — I held off on the compressor because with cold weather coming I didn’t feel a pressing need for air conditioning. Since there was no wall or ceiling in the house installation only took a couple days.

With the major infrastrucutre improvements done, we have been busy with installing plywood shear supports and drywall throughout the house. I decided to install 3/8′ plywood on the inside perimeter and load bearing walls to improve the structural integrity of the house. You know the saying; they don’t build them like they use to– well in this case I think that’s probably a good thing. Today’s structural codes are much more stringent. Over the plywood we installed 3/8 drywall which brings us to the original 3/4 thickness for the walls.

As I was waiting to order some lumber at home depot the other day I thumbed through a book on house framing. I was quite surprised to learn that the depth that the nail is sunk into plywood effects the structural strength. So if you have 3/8 drywall and you sink the nail a depth of say 2/8′ your plywood will have the strength of 1/8′ plywood. So the ideal depth would leave you exactly flush with the plywood. I definitely put that in the good things to know category.

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