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Plumbing the Depths

More photos coming soon.

After about a week of work, the crew finished updating my plumbing and removing the old galvinized pipes. The work done included having the kitchen and laundry plumbing moved to a new location in the house and installing all copper pipes. I was quite surprised by the cost of material for the work on my house — about $1,000 in all. I have yet to receive the bill for the labor, but most folks tell me that repiping for a house like mine typically costs about $4,000.

The crew from Cal-Quake did the work and everything seems to be in fine working order. I was ready to start installing my toilet, but I discovered some pretty serious water damage around the toilet flange. I decided that before installing my new tile I should fix the plywood. Well to my surprise after I got the plywood up there was not toilet flange — no wonder the plywood was rotten. Without a toilet flange that connects the toilet to the waste pile it means that plywood would get soaked with waste water and excrement. Furthermore, this could easily result in waste wather seeping from the lack of a water tight seal leaking to the area under the house. Talk about potential for health issues.

This picture show the underside of the subfloor where the toilet was installed — pretty nasty.
Bungalow Bathroom Subfloor

Here are clues to look for if you buying a house. Make sure the inspection of the subfloor does not show any water staining around the toilet or wastepipe. Check the floor around the toilet, if there is any discolortation you may have a problem. Also, if the toilet is installed on a wood subfloor, check to make sure the toilet doesn’t move — if it moves and it is securely fastened to the floor you may have rooting wood.


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