California Bungalow Addition

April 13, 2007 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment

Over the last couple months of going back-and-forth with my architect, my plans for adding to California Bungalow have morphed dramatically. With each iteration the plans have become simpler and less costly.

My orginal idea was to add a two story addition to the back of the house. The addition would have added a ~1,400 sq ft to the house. This approach would have given me an large family room, and master suite in the second floor. Unfortutnately the foundation would require significant re-enforcment to support the second floor. Essentially, I would be required to tear down the back 1/3 of the house to accomodate the addition. Connecting with a building contractor brought the realization that my orginal plan would cost ~$280K @ 200/sq ft. — ouch

My architect Ricardo was more pragmatic. He recommended a simple single story addition to the back of the house. This plan gives me a smaller but functional master suite. Ricardo kept the total addition under 500 sq ft which has two important benefits. First building cost are lower; second staying under 500 sq ft allows me to avoid Monrovia’s school tax assessment.

House Floor Plan

Second, from an investment POV limiting the scale of the expansion makes a lot of sense too. A quick check on shows the selling prices for my neighborhood range between 500-$650K, so it’s probably not a smart idea to go too crazy with additions.


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