Adding a Covered Deck

After a hiatus, I am back to posting.  Work required extensive travel over the past couple years, limiting my progress on the project.

A covered deck is the latest addition.  The motivation for this project was two-fold: add space for relaxing and entertaining, while reducing the energy footprint of the house.

A deck is the perfect way to take advantage of Southern California’s nearly perfect year-round weather.  Adding a roof makes it a nice extension of the house’s living space for entertaining or a children’s play area.

The roof has the added benefit of shielding the house’s southern exposure from the hot mid-day summer sun.  The addition reduced the heat gain on the back portion of the house by five degrees.  Over time this addition will pay for itself in lower energy bills and reduced maintenance on doors and windows.

I designed the deck to include expose timbers to further accentuate the craftsman vibe of my bungalow.  I am still finishing up the trim work but I like difference already  — see the transformation below and tell me what you think…

California Bungalow Back View

Back of the house

Covered Deck

Deck With Railing


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A New Douglas Fir Front Door

With outside of the house finally painted it was time to replace front door. I wanted a styled that was a cross between bungalow and craftsman style. This is the door I selected.
Douglas Fir Front Door

I went with douglas fir as it was somewhat less expensive and matched the interior woodwork. I used a walnut stain and satin polyurethane finish.  I used an Emtek lockset – it’s looks good but the locking mechanism and latch are sufficient but not great.

Overall I am pleased. I think the door makes a huge difference on the houses curb appeal.

IMG_0216 IMG_0253

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bungalow colors – exterior

Another big milestone past. My project got a fresh coat of paint this week. The crew is working on the trim as we speak, so a final picture with trim and everything will be posted early next week.

New Field Color
bungalow repaint

Old Paint Scheme
California Bungalow

Here is a preview of the trim colors
trim colors

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Kitchen Walls Painted

One step closer to complete on the my kitchen remodel. This weekend I finished up painting the walls. The color I used is Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green (HC-113). This is a bold green and I think it ties in nicely with the floor and white wainscoating.

All the detail around the doors and windows made painting a challenge. Although the pictures look good, I struggled to get crisp lines around the mouldings. I tried taping, freehand — no matter what your going to get paint on the moulding, so you had better keep a wet rag close by for quick fixes.

This is the picture of the window seat
Window Seat

The built-in for the eating area
Kitchen Eating Built-in

Kitchen Sink Area
Kitchen Sink

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Yet another step closer to the finish line on completing my kitchen remodel. Now I have painted kitchen cabinets. Overall, it looks pretty good but the process of getting to this point was painful.

The big lesson I learned at this stage, is when you get down to the finish work, you had better be on site to prevent any screw-ups. Yes there were pretty big screw-ups. Although I provided explicit directions for the painter not paint both sides of the pocket door, the did anyway. The even painted some of the moldings I spent days to stripping and restoring. If I am unable to get the paint completely off the pocket door, I may have to replace it — which means the painter’s fee will be slashed in half (the douglas fir pocket door cost me over $1K) .

Despite complications and frustration the kitchen is shaping up nicely.

Before Photo
Kitchen Countertops
After Photo
Kitchen Sink

Now I have some painting to do and I need to select my backsplash material. That means another trip to CV Tile in Pasadena and a consultation with my favorite tile person Veronica. After rummaging around amongst tile samples for an hour or two here is what we came up with.
Glass Tile Backsplash

Originally, I was only looking for glass tile, but after seeing this combo, I think the border of white and greeenish/gold tile are extremely compelling. I will need to get a whiter white to match my cabinets, but this is a winning combination!

Stay tuned — within the next couple days I will be painting the walls and ceiling. I have selected a earthy green as my field color. It’s going to look rich

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Bungalow Kitchen Countertop

Progress continues on Projectbungalow. This week the kitchen countertops were installed.

I selected honed absolute black granite for the countertop material. Originally, I wanted to use soap stone but it’s 2-3x the price and your kitchen cabinets must be built to accommodate this material. The key difference is the plywood top needs to be inset versus on top of the cabinet structure. My cabinet maker placed the plywood on top of the cabinets.  John Yeh with Colormason, my countertop installer, also told me that the cabinets have to be just about perfectly level to use soapstone. The reason being is the stone sits directly on the counters — so if you have to shim the material to create seamless joints the underside of your counter top will have gaps relative to the cabinets.

Here is a picture of the material i used — isn’t it gorgeous
absolute black granite

I also installed a Oliveri stainless steel sink. This was a great value at roughly $900. Its heavy gauge stainless and comes with a stainless steel drain grid. Additionally the inside edges are all radius, so cleaning and maintenance will be much easier than the Blanco I was originally considering.
Oliveri Stainless steel sink

This part of the project including material cost about $3,700. What an improvement.

Craftsman Mouldings Kitchen Countertops

Now I need to get started on the backsplash — I think green glass tile just might do the trick

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Kitchen Trim Work

The next big step is to get all the the trim work complete in my kitchen. Then it’s on to painting and lighting fixtures.

The picture below shows how I have decided to do the finish work, For the casing above the wndows, I decided upon a simple detail. I used 1″ and 3/4″ square sticks to create detail on the window and door way headers. It was less expensive than buying mouldings and I think it fits pretty nicely with the overall design

I also installed wainscoating. The wainscoating along with the window seat and trim will be painted white. I am going with a sage green on the walls. The color will really make the trim work stand-out

I only wish I had a slightly larger window for this wall — what do you think bigger wndow or is it fine as is?
Window Seat

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